TLC + Associates was formed in 2013 when two rural ladies decided to take on the world, well at least the Highlands of Scotland.  Tina and Lucy met at the school gate whilst their children attended Gaelic Medium Education.  With a great range of complementary skills, their journey began and they now have a thriving rural business consultancy based in Ullapool, Scottish Highlands.

Tina Hartley TLC + Associates
Tina Hartley
Lucy Beattie TL + Associates
Lucy Beattie

A Master of Business Administration (MBA), Tina spent her early career as a Senior Manager for Social Services, a move to the Highlands led her to make use of her skills and she soon became an independent training advisor for local businesses and moved on to provide business consultancy services.  With a strong background in business development, community facilitation and project management, she now enjoys working alongside Lucy with a number of rural organisations.

Lucy as been actively involved in agriculture since an early age.  Born and brought up on a farm she qualified in Rural Enterprise and Land Economy and worked freelance for a while.  Lucy has been running her own farm business at a practical and strategic level for 21 years.  Since 2007, she has worked in rural education having undertaken a post graduate diploma in teaching and is now a Master of Education (MEd).

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